Our 40 Year History

Joe and Mary Eichten, after raising 10 children on their dairy farm, became part of a University of Minnesota pilot program and turned their dairy farm into a cheese operation.  After studying cheese making in Holland their cheese of choice became Dutch Gouda.

A small retail shop was added to the cheese factory, allowing them to sell directly to the public from their farm. 
Eileen, Joe and Mary’s oldest, joined the family business to manage  the cheese factory.

Eichtens received their 1st award winning recognition. 

The award they took the most pride in was from Holland. 

The Eichtens scored 99.5 out of 100 taking 1st .

As the head cheesemaker, Mary foresaw the coming trends and knew Eichtens needed to offer more variety.  Seasoned goudas and gourmet gouda cheese spreads were introduced.

After 3 years of perfecting her recipe, Mary developed their signature Tilsit cheese.

Joe and Mary opened Eichten’s Market, a retail shop on Highway 8 just 1/2 mile south of the cheese factory, to better serve their customers.

The American Bison arrived at the farm.  Ed, Joe and Mary's son, saw the need for an all natural healthy meat to compliment the natural  cheese.  

Eichten’s Market added a small restaurant to the existing retail store, which was later closed in 2019. 

Brenda, Eileen’s daughter, joined the family business. She owns and operates the Cheese Factory today.

Eichtens added a solar garden to support the power needs of the Cheese Factory.

Eichtens built a large solar array so others in the community had the option to operate on solar power.

Michelle, Ed’s daughter, and her husband Nick joined the family business.  They own and operate Eichten’s Market today.


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